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Lake Corpus Christi was completed in 1958 with the construction of the Wesley Seale Dam. The reservoir was built by, and was owned by, the Lower Nueces Water Supply District, but it was operated by the City of Corpus Christi. The City assumed ownership in 1986 when the bonds were paid off. The Lower Nueces Water Supply District was then dissolved by the Texas Legislature. 

On March 2001, the Wesley Seale Dam north and south spillway stabilization project was completed. As a result, Lake Corpus Christi was allowed to resume full capacity of 94 feet in elevation. 

Major area rainfall occurring during the first two weeks of July 2002 allowed Lake Corpus Christi to resume full capacity. Public notification was issued in May 2002 to implement the 50 percent rule of the City's Drought management Plan. 


When full, the lake level is at 94' above sea level and stores 257,260 acre-feet of water. The bottom of the reservoir is at 55' above sea level. It has a surface area of 19,251 acres. 

The dam is composed of 3,580' of earthen embankment and two concrete spillways with a combined length of 2,400'. The spillways contain a total of 60 crest gates. The normal release of approximately 150 acre-feet of water per day, for operating purposes, is made through a 48" bypass pipe. The crest gates are only used when excessive water, such as during flood events, needs to be released.