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Hurricanes are an unfortunate fact of life in the Coastal Bend. Even if Corpus Christi does not get a direct hit, high winds and tides will do severe damage, especially to boats. As a boater, you alone are responsible for securing your vessel before a storm.

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The City of Corpus Christi strongly urges boaters to REMOVE BOATS FROM THE CITY MARINA. There are many safe locations on land for your boat, but you must plan procedure now. Do not wait until a storm is hours away—there will not be enough time.

If you choose to leave your boat in the City Marina, remember that you will be responsible for any damages done by your vessel to others. During Hurricane Allen, one boat broke loose and destroyed twenty-four vessels.

This checklist will help you prepare for a hurricane. If followed, the suggested time schedule, safety equipment, and precautions will reduce the possibility of damage to your boat, but it is not a guarantee. All storms are different and cannot be predicted in terms of wind speeds and tide changes once they make landfall. Taking your boat out of the City Marina and securing it on land is the only sure way to reduce the potential for damage.

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