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The City's Intergovernmental Affairs Department is responsible for monitoring state and federal governmental activities, developing legislative programs approved by City Council, managing the City's federal and state consultants, and coordinating legislative activities with other public and private-sector entities and municipal advocacy organizations, such as the National League of Cities and Texas Municipal League. Through coordination with City departments, staff performs several intergovernmental affairs functions including:

  • Keeping the Mayor and City Council informed on current developments in the Texas Legislature & the United States Congress that might affect the City of Corpus Christi.
  • Building and maintaining relationships between the City of Corpus Christi and elected/appointed officials.
  • Leading the lobbying efforts in the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress on behalf of the City.
  • Coordinating with City departments to develop legislative proposals that will enhance the City's ability to better serve its citizens.
  • Promoting regional cooperation on issues impacting local governments throughout the Coastal Bend area.
  • Work with the City departments on matters before state and federal agencies.
  • Managing the City's federal and state consultants.


Contact Information

Director:  Ryan Skrobarczyk

Address: 1201 Leopard Street, 5th Floor,
                 Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Office:      (361) 826-3622

Intergovernmental Affairs Services

We're sorry, this department doesn't have any services linked to it right now. We recommend that you contact this department if you have questions about their services.


Ryan Skrobarczyk, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs