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The Human Resources Department provides policy direction on human resources and benefits issues and offers administrative support related to the management of employees for all City departments. HR supports City departments in their efforts to recruit, train and retain a diverse and competent workforce and to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws enabling the departments to carry out their missions more effectively.

The City of Corpus Christi employs 2,351 General employees, 439 Uniform Police Officers and 414 Fire Service personnel. The Human Resources Division staff of 25 is dedicated to providing services for all employees in the thirty departments, which offer services to the citizens of Corpus Christi.



  • Manages all aspects of the Human Resources Department to ensure City-wide compliance with local, state and federal laws, regulations, policies, ordinances and Civil Service Rules.
  • Serves as Director of the Civil Service Commission and Civil Service Board.
  • Supports the Police Chief and Fire Chief in the administration of collective bargaining agreements with Corpus Christi Police Officers Association and Corpus Christi Firefighters Association.
  • Works in cooperation with the emergency management office to determine employee status and ability to work in an emergency, and assigns employees to emergency functions.
  • Manages and maintains department budget, ensuring fiscal prudence.
  • Develop and manage recruitment, testing, and selection processes.
  • Maintain Employee Records and Human Resources Information Systems.
  • Develop and manage health and benefits programs as well as the compensation and classification systems.
  • Build and deliver effective learning and organizational development programs.
  • Cultivate and implement programs that promote productive employee and labor relations.


  • Benefits Administration over all City benefits including Citicare for General Employees, Citicare Fire for Firefighters and Citicare Public Safety for Police officers.
  • Oversee 25 – 30 Benefit Contracts
    ▷ Coordinate contracting of employee benefits, including health, dental, life, vision, long-term disability, third-party administration, stop-loss insurance, clinic, actuary, etc. Commonly through a competitive bid process.
  • Provide benefits administration
    ▷ Deferred Compensation Plan (1,124 participants),
    ▷ FICA Alternative Plan (306 participants),
    ▷ Health Plans (including medical, dental and vision) (4,582 enrollments), Flexible Health and Dependent Care Spending Accounts (489),
    ▷ Life Insurance (7,060),
    ▷ Long-Term Disability (1,851),
    ▷ Pension Plan (TMRS, 2,357)
    ▷ Wellness Initiatives, including the Employee Wellness Clinic.
  • Provide Benefits Customer Service
    ▷ First point of contact for employees, dependents & retiree benefit needs.

Classification and Compensation Management

  • Develops, maintains, and administers compensation and classification policies and procedures to recruit, retain, and promote a qualified workforce.
  • Coordinates with departments and Budget to maintain inventory and authorization for all positions.
  • Administers provisions of bargaining unit agreements pertaining to pay, promotion and benefits for Police Officers and Firefighters.

Talent Acquisition and Records Management

  • Leads the recruitment, assessment and selection process. Assists department in hiring and retaining a qualified workforce.
  • Manages the internal City Temp program.
  • Maintains a record management system and retains an electronic database of employee records.
  • Manages the enterprise-wide Human Capital Management Information System (INFOR).

Employee Relations

  • Manages and oversees all employee relations to include grievances, EEOC charges, arbitrations, Civil Service Board hearings and unemployment claims.
  • Consults with departments on performance and disciplinary issues, conducting investigations where appropriate, following City Policy and the Civil Service Board Rules and Regulations.
  • Coordinates Civil Service Board and Commission hearings.
  • Administers Drug and Alcohol Policies.
  • Responds to claims and appeals for unemployment compensation to reduce City liabilities and expenses.
  • Conducts intake interviews and investigations, and prepares fact-finding reports of employee concerns pertaining to violations of City Policy and workplace prohibitions of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual harassment.
  • Administers provisions of the collective bargaining agreements with the Corpus Christi Police Officers’ Association and the Corpus Christi Firefighters’ Association.
  • Administers the City’s programs related to the ADA, FMLA, and Limited Duty
  • Reviews and updates HR policies and procedures as needed.
  • Conducts supervisory training.

Learning & Organizational Development

  • Develops, implements, and maintains the City's training program. Specific areas of responsibility include executive leadership and supervisory training, general workforce training, maintenance of electronic training records, and new employee orientation.
  • Develops and trains supervisors and employees on performance appraisal processes and procedures.
  • Develops and trains supervisors and employees on the performance recognition program.

Contact Us

Director of Human Resources

Interim Director
Rebecca Castillo (361) 826-3314

Interim Assistant Director
Marie “Odette” Cruz (361) 826- 3313

Recruitment Manager
Candy Torres (361) 826-3332

HR Operations Manager
Sherri Eldridge (361) 826-3380

Benefits Manager
Dezerae Carmona (361) 826-3878

Organizational Development Manager
Courtney Durham (361) 826-3336

Interim Employee Relations Manager

Monica Saenz (361) 826-3309