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The Corpus Christi Gas Department personnel are to respond to any natural gas complaint or report of a gas leak that could possibly endanger life or damage property. The safety and welfare of the public are a priority. The safety and welfare of people are to be a priority. Any emergency involving dwellings or locations of public-gathering are to be given the highest priority.


Emergency Contacts

911 for emergency situations
Gas Dispatch  (361) 885-6942


In accordance with its Emergency Response Plan, the City of Corpus Christi Gas Department establishes and maintains liaison with appropriate fire, police, rescue, emergency management, and other public officials in its areas of operation that respond to emergency situations.

The City of Corpus Christi Gas Department will also conduct drills, exercises or training to ensure Gas Department employees understand and can carry out its Emergency Plan. In addition, a Pipeline Integrity Management Program has been implemented by the Gas Department to ensure its pipeline and infrastructure remains in a safe condition.

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