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Due to its efficiency, cleanliness, and reliability, natural gas is growing increasingly popular. Consumption of natural gas will increase 20 percent by 2030, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Natural gas is a domestic fuel.  Most of the natural gas we use in the United States comes from North America, and supplies are abundant. Natural gas utilities operate and maintain more than 1.2 million miles of safe, efficient underground pipes -- an energy delivery system that is the envy of the world. By using natural gas, America’s dependence on foreign fuel is reduced.

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Gas Furnace

A high-efficiency natural gas furnace provides comfort and savings.  Modern natural gas furnaces not only use a superior fuel, they are technologically advanced to get as much heat for your dollar as possible. Many new homes are built with a forced-air system using natural gas, oil, or electricity to generate heat, and most gas-fired equipment is part of a central heat and air condition system.

You can be confident of receiving a high-efficiency furnace when purchasing a new heating system because federal regulations dictate that manufacturers can only offer equipment with AFUE ratings of 78 percent or higher for furnaces. Top-of-the-line furnaces can turn up to 97 cents of your energy dollar into usable heat.  Because home heating takes up so much of your utility bill, it makes sense to have the most efficient equipment possible.


Gas Water Heater

A natural gas water heater works faster, reducing concerns about running out of hot water. They can save up to 43 percent of your energy costs over comparable electric units. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, after heating and cooling, water heating is typically the largest energy user in the home because it is necessary for so many domestic activities.


Gas Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens

Professional chefs and those who are serious about their cooking often prefer natural gas cooking. Electric stoves simply cannot compete with the even heat, precise temperature control, and quick on and off ability of gas stoves and grills.

Natural gas ranges and ovens of today are highly efficient, allow for easier cleaning, and are very reliable. Natural gas burners are defined by speed and temperature control.  With gas, the heat is more accurate and temperature changes are instantaneous.  Another often overlooked benefit is that, unlike electric ranges, the gas models work well with pots and pans that are no longer perfectly flat on the bottom.  Cooking with natural gas is also economical. It costs about half as much to cook with a gas range as compared to a similar electric range. Most of the newer models of gas stoves now come with an electronic spark ignition rather than a pilot light. This saves as much as 30 percent on energy costs and helps keep your kitchen cooler in warm weather.


Gas Clothes Drying

Gas clothes drying may be the biggest energy bargain in your home.  Natural gas dryers dry clothes quickly and for less money than electric models. They also produce less static cling. When a gas dryer turns off, the heat dissipates quickly, reducing the amount of wrinkling.  Today’s gas dryers use less energy than older models. No pilot lights are required because the dryers light automatically.  Natural gas dryers can save up to 55 percent of your energy costs over comparable electric.


Gas Fireplaces & Firelogs

If you have a natural gas fireplace, all you have to do is flick a switch. Forget about the wood: buying it, stacking it, carrying it, lighting it, and cleaning up after it! Face it! With a wood fire, often it’s simply too much trouble.

A natural gas fireplace provides an instant fire with a flick of a switch.  Gas hearth products are convenient, safe, and cleaner burning.  Natural gas fireplaces, freestanding stoves, and decorative log sets give you all the pleasure of a beautiful wood fire – without the hassle.


Pool Heater

Natural gas is less expensive and heats faster than electricity. A natural gas pool heater can provide immediate cost savings.  You can save money with a heater that ignites only when you need it and feels safer with a heater that automatically checks for unsafe water temperatures.  Natural gas pool heaters are significantly more efficient than electric heaters.