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The City of Corpus Christi Emergency Preparedness Plan operates under four "conditions of readiness" which correspond to varying degrees of threat. Conditions will be upgraded or downgraded based on information received from the National Weather Service or other sources. Conditions of readiness may be set by the Mayor, City Manager or the Emergency Management Coordinator. Beginning with the lowest level (Condition 4), these conditions are as follows:


CONDITION 4 is the "increased awareness" stage and will be used when a higher degree of readiness than is normally present is needed. This condition will automatically be in effect during hurricane season (June 1 - November 30) or:

  1. During periods of fire threat due to severe drought.
  2. Upon a serious increase in international tension.
  3. If the possibility of local civil unrest exists.
  4. If the possibility of public exposure to a hazardous material exists.

ACTION: The Emergency Management Coordinator will initiate general increased readiness activities. Group Managers/Department Heads shall review their respective Standard Operating Procedures and/or annexes and advise the Emergency Management Coordinator of any changes in personnel, material resources or operating procedures which may impact the department's readiness.


CONDITION 3 is the "watch" phase and indicates the existence of potential danger that could develop into a hazardous condition requiring a greater degree of readiness than Condition 4, but is not an immediate threat to life or property. Condition 3 may be generated by:

  1. Hurricane Watch (the National Weather Service predicts landfall to be likely within 36 hours and/or within 100 miles of Corpus Christi.)
  2. Tornado Watch.
  3. Severe Thunderstorm Watch.
  4. The transit of extremely hazardous materials through the city by rail, truck or other means.
  5. An international situation has deteriorated to the point that enemy attack is a possibility. This condition allows sufficient time for an orderly evacuation and preparation of shelters.
  6. Small scale local civil unrest occurs.

ACTION: The Office of Emergency Management will be staffed as necessary and active liaison will be maintained with the National Weather Service through direct telephone if the hazard is weather related. The Emergency Management Coordinator shall notify and brief the Mayor, City Manager and key Department Heads on the crisis situation and developments. The operational status of the Emergency Operations Center shall be verified. Primary EOC personnel will check their equipment and will be available from this point on or until the situation is downgraded to Condition 4.


CONDITION 2 is the "warning" phase and will be set when a situation has definite characteristics of becoming hazardous and there is significant probability of injury and/or property damage. Condition 2 will normally require some degree of community alert. The City Manager may declare that the Emergency Services Policy is in effect. Condition 2 may be generated upon receipt of a hurricane warning, tornado warning, or any other notification of the existence of a direct threat such as a toxic spill, major fire, growing civil disturbance or:

  1. An international crisis has deteriorated to the point that enemy attack is probable.
  2. Civil disorder with relatively large scale localized violence.
  3. The National Weather Service predicts hurricane landfall within twenty four hours close enough to Corpus Christi to cause damaging winds, high tides, and storm surge.

ACTION: The Mayor, City Manager, Emergency Management Coordinator, key department heads and designated staff members shall assemble at the Emergency Operating Center. Emergency procedures and any necessary amendments or modifications will be briefed for the event in progress. The Public Information Officer will inform the news media that public information facilities are operational. All communications equipment will be made operational and shall be thoroughly checked by the Emergency Management Office staff. All EOC staff members will remain on one hour standby following initial check in at the EOC. In the event of a hurricane threat, communications will be established with the National Weather Service.


CONDITION 1 indicates hazardous conditions are imminent. Events such as hurricane landfall within 12 hours, tornado, large explosion, major toxic chemical release, widespread civil disturbance and violence, damaging tides or imminent enemy attack will cause Condition 1 to be set.
ACTION: The EOC will be fully staffed and each department will begin full emergency operations. Low lying and other flood prone areas will be evacuated well prior to the onset of high tides, flood waters or storm surge activity. All hurricane preparations should be complete prior to setting Condition 1.