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The Financial Services Department is made up of three main divisions: administration, accounting, and collections.

The administration division consists of the director, two assistant directors, and an executive assistant and is responsible for the overall management and operations of the department. One assistant director is responsible for the accounting, treasury divisions, and collections divisions, and the second assistant director is responsible for the procurement division.

The accounting division is responsible for the daily operations of general accounting and grants, reconcilement of the City’s bank accounts, paying of City invoices city-wide, and administration of payroll. 

The collections division includes accounts receivable and the Utility Business Office (UBO). It is responsible for the monthly billing and collection of the City’s miscellaneous receivable and utility accounts. This City’s accounts receivable division provides customer service for any questions pertaining to miscellaneous billings, and the Utility Business Office division provides customer service through its resolutions division (both walk-in and by phone) for the City’s utility billing. The Utility Business Office provides customer care to over 100,000 customers. The main focus for the collections division, as a whole, is to provide excellent customer service.