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As the City honors Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we are reminded to make it “a day on, not a day off.” View a schedule of virtual and in-person events leading up to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service beginning Thursday, January 13 at


Corpus Christi Convention and Visitor’s Bureau – November 16, 2021
AU20-F01 Contract Compliance – Corpus Christi Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Follow-up Report

Water & Wastewater System – October 12, 2021
SP20-001 Mustang Hollow Campground Lease Payment Review

Aviation – October 12, 2021
AU18-F05 Aviation Rental Car Agencies Follow-up Report

Parks and Recreation – March 23, 2021
SP20-003 - Nueces County Victims’ Memorial Garden Contract Review


Fleet Maintenance – April 7, 2020
AU18-F04 - Fuel Allocations and Billing Follow-up Report

Municipal Courts Administration – April 7, 2020
AU18-F03 Fee Billing and Collection Follow-up Report


Corpus Christi Police Department – December 10, 2019
AU19-001 CCPD, Law Enforcement Special Revenue Account

Water – November 14, 2019
CA19-001 Sunrise Beach Recreation Site Cash Count

Public Works – May 14, 2019
AU18-F02 Public Works, Street Construction Follow-up Report

Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau - January 7, 2019
AU18-001 Contract Compliance – Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau


Aviation - July 17, 2018 ​​​​​
AU18-F01 Aviation, Airport Leases Follow-Up Report. 

Parks and Recreation - May 21, 2018
AU17-001 Parks and Recreation, Tennis Center Revenue Collection

Development Services - April 9, 2018
AU16-002 Development Services, Funding for Developer Agreements


Health District Grant Accounting Follow-Up - 10/20/2017
AU16-F02 Health District Grant Accounting Follow-Up Report

Municipal Court - 9/14/2017
AU16-001 Municipal Court Administration, Fee Collection Audit Report

Fleet - 7/11/2017
AU17-002 Fleet Maintenance Department, Fuel Expenses Audit Report

Parks and Recreation Department - 2/28/2017
CA17-001 Corpus Christi Natatorium Cash Count

Parks and Recreation Department - 2/9/2017
AU16-F05 Parks and Recreation Beach Operations Audit Follow Up

Aviation - 2/2/2017
AU15-004 Department of Aviation, Rental Car Agencies Audit Report



Public Works Department - 11/9/2016
AU15-002 Public Works Dept, Engineering Serv Dept, Street Construction

Aviation - 10/6/2016
AU15-001 Department of Aviation, Airport Leases

Corpus Christi Police Department - 09/28/2016
CA16-001 CCPD Impound Vehicle Lot Cash Count

City Attorney's Office - 09/15/2016
AU16-FO3 City Attorney Follow-up Report

Financial Services Department - 09/02/2016
AU16-FO4 Central Cashiering Follow-up Report

Corpus Christi Police Department - 03/22/2016
AU15-F02 Animal Care Services Follow Up Report



Corpus Christi Police Department - 12/24/2015
CA15-002 CCPD Central Information Cash Count

Financial Services Department - 09/03/2015
AU14-F02 Utility Business Office Follow Up Audit

Health District - 05/22/2015
AU14-011 Corpus Christi – Nueces County Public Health District Grant Accounting Audit

Municipal Court - 05/15/2015
CA15-001 Municipal Court Cash Count

Corpus Christi Fire Department - 04/30/2015
AU15-F01 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Follow Up Audit

City Attorney's Office - 03/24/2015
AU14-007 City Attorney’s Office Risk Management Audit Report

Health District - 01/14/2015
AU14-009 Corpus Christi-Nueces County Public Health District 1115 Waiver Audit Report

Parks and Recreation Department - 01/08/2015
AU14-010 Beach Operations Audit Report



Corpus Christi Police Department - 09/10/2014
AU14-008 Animal Care Services Audit Report

Financial Services Department - 06/06/2014
AU12-003 Central Cashiering Audit Report

Financial Services Department - 05/06/2014
AU14-F01 Purchasing Program Follow-up Report

Corpus Christi Fire Department - 03/28/2014
AU14-006 Local Emergency Planning Committee

Corpus Christi Police Department - 01/28/2014
CA14-003 Animal Shelter Cash Count

Water Department - 01/21/2014
CA14-002 Sunrise Beach Cash Count

Financial Services Department - 01/21/2014
CA14-001 Petty Cash and Change Fund Accounting



Financial Services Department - 07/31/2013
AU13-F01 Payroll Audit Follow-Up Report

Financial Services Department - 02/21/2013
AU12-001 Utility Billing and Collections Audit



Financial Services Department - 09/20/2012
AU12-004 Purchasing Audit

Financial Services Department - 05/24/2012
AU12-002 Payroll Audit