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The City of Corpus Christi uses a supplier portal to make it more efficient for vendors and bidders to do business with the City. By registering through the City of Corpus Christi’s Supplier Portal, you will have access to upcoming RFB/RFP/RFQ events. There is no cost for vendors to register, nor is there a fee assessed if you are awarded a bid.

Go to the City of Corpus Christi Supplier Portal to register.

There can only be one primary login for each company. The Supplier Portal allows you to add additional company contacts and proxies. So, before you begin your registration, please coordinate with your primary representative to confirm your company has or has not registered. The representative will be responsible for adding additional users, username(s), password(s), etc.

All new events are solicited by commodity codes. If you fail to select commodity codes you will not receive notifications. By logging into the Supplier Portal regularly to view all new solicitation events, i.e. RFB, RFP and RFQ you might be able to prevent missing a solicitation.

While the City endeavors to notify eligible bidders/proposers on its lists with regard to purchases via Requests for Bids/Proposals, the responsibility for keeping informed of City solicitations rests solely on members of the business community. Electronically generated notifications are sent as a courtesy only. Please use all the resources available to stay informed of solicitations that are available such as listing all applicable commodity codes that apply to your business when registering on our portal; utilize the City’s forecasted procurements posted on the website for items that are upcoming; look for open solicitations posted on the website; and monitor the Caller-Times bid/proposal notice section for open procurements (typically posted on Sundays). Also, feel free to contact the purchasing staff with any questions you have about upcoming procurements



When submitting a bid/proposal response on an open Bid Event, make sure to follow all steps in the Supplier Response Guide. Make sure that the message, "Congratulations, your response has been submitted" displays and there is a "Submit Completed" indicator in the top right corner of the window.

To confirm the status of submittal, go to the My Responses page, this link is in the left menu of the Home page under Events. Make sure that your response says "Submitted" for the status.



A Registration Guide is provided on the Supplier Portal homepage.

A Response Guide is provided on the Supplier Portal homepage.

A Forecasted Procurements list of upcoming solicitations is provided on the Supplier Portal homepage.

If the expenditure is under $50K, then the departments handle those solicitations. You can contact the departments directly via the Incidental Purchasing Contact list provided on the Supplier Portal homepage,

For additional information regarding Events and responses, access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).


For general questions, please contact the Purchasing Office at 361-826-3160.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Corpus Christi.