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The City of Corpus Christi is accepting applications for Firefighter / Paramedic cadets between November 13, 2023 - January 12, 2024.

We welcome and appreciate your interest in employment with the City of Corpus Christi Fire Department. We are an equal-opportunity employer; no information obtained during the recruitment/selection process is intended for any discriminatory purposes.

The department will continue to target a diverse workforce during the recruitment process.



Online at

Applications must be submitted online by January 12, 2024.



Late arrivers will not be allowed to test.

The test covers a wide range of skills and abilities needed for the job of a firefighter.

Written test will be administered on February 6, 2024.



CPAT – For more information please go to:

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Dates: April 15 – April 17, 2024



Thorough background checks to determine suitability for employment.



A panel of three people to determine suitability for employment and to answer any questions you may have.



Routine medical and psychological exam to determine suitability for employment.



(Only applicants that meet the minimum requirements will be invited to the examination)

Age: Min. 19, Must not have reached age 36 when list is certified before hiring

Education: High School Diploma or GED

License: A valid driver’s license

Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen

  • All applicants must have a current driver’s license at the time of application and Texas driver license at the time of hire.
  • All applicants must be able to obtain a Class B “exempt” driver license for the purpose of operating emergency vehicles.
  • Upon hiring, an applicant must reside in a location as to be able to reach City Hall within 60 minutes by travel, by car (posted speed limits).
  • All applicants shall meet the City’s requirements regarding traffic violations or traffic collisions.
  • All applicants must score a minimum of 70% or higher on the written examination.
  • Applicants must not have been convicted of an offense above a Class B misdemeanor. Has never been on court ordered community supervision or probation for any criminal offense above a Class B misdemeanor, or no Class B misdemeanor within the last 5 years and/or no court orders for Class B misdemeanors within the last 5 years.
  • Must not have ever been convicted of any family violence offense.
  • Must not have ever been convicted of a felony offense.
  • Applicant is medically, physically, and psychologically fit to perform the essential duties of a Firefighter.
  • Applicant must not have been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions.
  • Applicants must demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity, good work ethic, and loyalty to their past and present employers
  • Applicants must successfully complete entry requirements, including a written examination, a physical fitness examination, a panel interview, a background check, a medical/psychological examination, possible polygraph, and drug testing.



$3,629.00 monthly while in the academy.

$4,638.00 monthly after graduation from the academy.



Upon completion of the academy:

  • Fire: $50 - $125
  • Instructor: $35 - $75
  • Fire Inspector: $35
  • EMT: $35
  • Assigned to Hazmat: $125
  • Fire Investigator: $50
  • Paramedic: $100
  • Arson Investigator: $75
  • Assigned to ambulance: $25-$45 per shift worked



The Academy consists of instruction in firefighting tactics and safety as well as medical training. At the completion of the academy, the cadet will be a Texas Commission on Fire Protection Basic Firefighter and a Texas State Certified EMT-P.

  • Successful candidates will complete the Fire Academy and obtain Basic Structural Firefighter Certification from the Texas Commission of Fire Protection and Paramedic certification from the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • Successful candidates who have Basic Structural Firefighter and Paramedic Certification from the Texas Department of State Health Services may be fast tracked but must still attend an academy specifically designed for candidates who are already certified.
  • All candidates must successfully complete the CCFD physical fitness program.
  • Firefighters are required to maintain Paramedic Certification as a condition of employment.
  • All candidates for employment in the Fire Department must obtain Paramedic certification as issued by the Texas Department of Health within twenty-eight (28) months from the date of employment.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Please read carefully)

On the date of the exam, applicants who have served in the armed services of the United States and have been Honorably Discharged may submit a DD214 demonstrating at least 180 days of Active Duty Status. No other discharge status will be accepted. If applicable, you may receive an extra 5 points to the passing written score. "Veterans preference" shall not be allowed in order to obtain a passing grade on the written examination.

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to take the written examination. You will receive your letter of invitation sometime before the actual test date by email. All correspondence will be by email, you should, therefore, notify the recruiter if you have a change of email address.

All candidates who pass the written exam with a 70% or higher will be invited and required to attend (2) Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) orientation sessions and (2) CPAT practice sessions during which they will become familiar with the CPAT apparatus. During the sessions, CCFD firefighters will be available to advise candidates on conditioning regimens and techniques to help them prepare for the CPAT. For more information on the physical agility test please visit the CCFD website. Within 30 days prior to the actual Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) test dates, candidates will be invited to perform 2 timed practice runs, using actual CPAT apparatus and completing the entire course.

Applicants who pass a scheduled timed practice run will be allowed to count the practice run as their official Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).

Within two weeks of the written examination you will receive an email with your scheduled practice dates and time.



CCFD strongly encourages all candidates to take advantage of the practice run program available to them; however, candidates may sign a waiver stating that they knowingly waive their opportunity to participate in the mandatory preparation sessions and will take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) on the scheduled dates.

CCFD will accept verifiable Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) completion certificates (or letters) from fully licensed Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) jurisdictions for tests completed on or after October 15, 2023. CPAT certificates or pass letters must include the candidate's name, the date of the test and a statement that the candidate passed the test. Certificates for tests taken prior to October 15, 2023, and certificates issued by a limited licenses jurisdiction will not be accepted.

Any position that lists a minimum qualification for education level and/or license/certification will require the applicant to provide proof of documentation if selected for hire into the position with the City of Corpus Christi.

In the event of an emergency, employees are required to work to provide for the safety and well-being of the public, including the delivery and restoration of vital services.

If a Firefighter voluntarily leaves employment of the City within two (2) years after his/her probation ends, the Firefighter will reimburse the City for monies expended to train and certify Firefighter. The former firefighter shall reimburse the City those training and certification expenses within six (6) months of his/her voluntary departure date per department agreement.

Eligibility list will be effective for 365 days from the date of the written examination.

For any questions or additional information, please email Amelia Allen at

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