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This committee reviews and recommends a formal written plan to the Corpus Christi City Council for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of public trees. A public tree is defined as trees, shrubs, bushes and other woody vegetation planted in land owned by the City. They shall also provide recommendations to the Planning Commission on any proposed amendments to the Unified Development Code pertaining to planting and landscaping requirements. Working with the Parks and Recreation Department, the plan shall not conflict with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and the committee shall also develop a recommended list of tree species for public trees to be planted on lands owned by the City. It may also recommend to the Parks Director the removal of any public tree or part thereof which is damaged by disease, storm or which is in an unsafe condition.


2017 in 2017


The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department, AEP and the Tree Advisory Committee invited everyone to kick off our ambitious ‘2017 in 2017’ trees initiative on February 17, 2017 at Cullen Park, 910 Airline Road. Volunteers joined to us make our city a healthier and more enjoyable place to live and play! Read the news release for more information.

Contact Information & More

Joshua Wentworth, Park Operations Superintendent, Parks & Recreation  

Phone: (361) 826-3483   



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