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Recycling wrong costs the City time and money. The Recycle Right campaign’s mission is to educate the public about which items can and cannot be recycled. The campaign also highlights the negative environmental and financial effects of improper recycling practices which can result in contamination. Check here often for recycling tips and updates on Corpus Christi's Recycling Bin's Dirty Dozen!

Meet the Latest Offenders!

Offender of the Month

Pickled Pattie

Pickled Pattie Poster: Content below Image

Pickled Pattie, also known as the glass jar, should never be placed in the blue recycling bin.

Since Pickled Pattie is made of glass, she can be easily chipped, cracked, or broken. This means sharp pieces of glass can damage other good recyclables, turning them into trash!

Glass jars, bottles and other containers can be recycled by dropping them off at the J.C. Elliott Collection Center,