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Stage 1 Water Restrictions in Effect
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Warrant Resolution Month:
September 1-30, 2022

If you received a warrant text and it is not you, please disregard. To search your name for any active cases, please click the link below.


If you have a warrant for your arrest you should appear at Corpus Christi Municipal Court to address your case without the fear of being arrested. 

Cases with active warrants are assessed additional fees and costs. Outstanding warrants are reported to a collection agency, reported to the Department of Public Safety, and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. You may be denied your right to renew your driver’s license and/or register your vehicle.


To address your warrants:

Pay online at All payments made online will incur a 3% fee + a $2.50 convenience fee.

  • Partial payments will not clear your warrants. You must appear in person at the Municipal Court to address your warrants if you can not pay in full. 

Pay by phone: 1 (866) 299-7084 Payments by phone will incur a $2.50 convenience fee.

If you need alternative methods to resolve your warrants or need a payment plan, you must appear in person.


Contact the court:

By phone: (361) 826-2500

By email:

All correspondence should be mailed to:

Municipal Court
120 N Chaparral St
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

The drop box is located at the entrance of Municipal Court.

Municipal Court Web App