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City employees and volunteers have put the message "No Dumping" onto hundreds of storm drains to help eliminate illegal discharges of pollutants into the storm system. Learn how to participate.


Get Involved

Groups may schedule an Inlet Marking Event by contacting the Storm Water team at (361) 826-1863 or Individuals may also request that a marker be placed on storm drains near their home or business.


How Marking Drains makes a difference

Environmental experts have indicated that much of the pollution in our waterways is from stormwater runoff, which contains urban and agricultural pollutants. Curbside storm drains can be a channel for pollution. That means that putting trash or chemical-ridden liquids, such as motor oil or paint into the storm drains is equivalent to throwing it right into the bays, creeks and river. 

After heavy rains, storm water runs off our streets and parking lots into storm drains, picking up leaves, debris and litter along the way. These substances clog the pipes causing streets to flood. Storm water also collects excess pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste and other substances. These can be harmful to aquatic life and residents who recreate in local waters.