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Our web-based City Performance Report (CPR) is designed to show performance results for each department and establish accountability for performance. The overall objective is to provide the public a simple and direct web page for each department that does not require a lot of clicking and navigation, yet provides sufficient information to demonstrate accomplishments and show key trends. Our CPR is modeled after aspects of performance reporting systems used by other cities such as Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), and San Antonio.

There are three sections to each Department's CPR page:

  • Operational Profile. General characteristics of the department

  • Baseline Information. Four years of annual trends of overall department operations

  • Performance Indicators. Goals are provided for each of the Department’s Mission Elements. Measures are designed to show some aspect of how well the goal is being achieved. Performance results can be viewed monthly, quarterly or annually.

City Performance Report (CPR) Link