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The City Marshal heads a team of Deputy Marshals for the City of Corpus Christi. The Deputy Marshals are certified peace officers under State law and have full police powers.  They are tasked with law enforcement functions within the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County those specifically related to the Municipal Court.

The City Marshal and the Deputy City Marshals perform duties such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Arrest defendants with outstanding Class C Warrants.
  • Transport arrested persons to appear before a judge or to the City Detention Center.
  • Maintain order in the court Ensure the safety of the Judges, court personnel, and court customers.
  • Serve Subpoenas and summonses for the Municipal Court.


Arrest Warrants

These are warrants for Class C Misdemeanor offenses, which range from violations of the traffic code, penal code, and City ordinances.

A Municipal Court Judge issues a warrant for defendants who:

  • do not comply with making an initial appearance to answer the charge filed against them,
  • do not appear for an assigned court date, or
  • are not in compliance of a court orders.

A $50.00 warrant fee is added to the balance of each case when an arrest warrant is issued.  When an arrest warrant is issued the case will have previously been referred to Omnibase, a third-party vendor that works in conjunction with the State of Texas to disallow renewing a driver’s license until the case is satisfied.  A case referred to Omnibase will be increased by an additional $30.00.  Cases with warrants are usually sixty days past due and have been referred for collection services.  The State of Texas allows for a collection fee of 30% of the balance due.

The City Marshal's Office is tasked with serving arrest warrants. Once the warrant is issued, the City Marshal’s Office will mail out a notice to the defendant to encourage them to voluntarily appear at the Municipal Court. If a defendant does not voluntarily make a disposition of their warrant(s), the City Marshal’s Office will actively pursue them by telephone, in person, at home, at school or at work. The City Marshal’s Office has a variety of tools available to them to track someone who has moved or disconnected their telephone.  Through the use of investigative techniques, time and effort, almost anyone can be located. When located, the defendant may be taken directly to jail if they are unwilling to pay the fine, enter into a payment agreement, or post a bond for an appearance at a later date.

If you believe you may have an outstanding warrant or know someone who does, call our office at (361)826-2506. We will be glad to provide assistance in resolving the matter. You can also check online at: