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Pet Licenses are required in the City of Corpus Christi. Licenses protect your pet from being impounded if your pet is picked up by Animal Care Services.                                            


  • It is the law.
  • Article II Sec. 6-10 of the City of Corpus Christi ACS Ordinance on Licensing considers it unlawful to own, keep, harbor or have custody or control of any dog or cat or pet over four months old within the City without first obtaining a valid registration for a pet.
  • All loose dogs wearing current City licenses tags, when picked up by Animal Care, will be returned to the owner.  If no one is home, a notice will be left at the home to indicate that the animal is at the Animal Care Services facility.
  • View the list of Impoundment Fees »
  • If your pet is injured and wearing its vaccine tag, it will be taken to your veterinarian or an emergency clinic for treatment.  An injured pet not wearing its license will be considered a stray and euthanized if severely injured to keep it from further suffering.
  • A pet properly restrained and currently licensed that bites or scratches a human being or another animal will be observed for 10 days for signs of rabies.