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The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for overseeing 2,100 acres of developed and undeveloped open spaces (parks, City beaches, natural habitats, etc.) and facilities (recreation centers, pools, gyms, ball fields, senior centers, tennis and golf courses, etc.) to enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

► Scroll down to view videos on various parks 


Voter-Approved Bond 2022

Corpus Christi residents have voted to approve the $125 million Bond 2022 Program which includes 32 projects to invest in City Streets, Parks, Public Safety, and Libraries. The 32 Bond projects include $92.5 million in Street improvements, $20 million in Park improvements, $2.5 million in Library improvements, and $10 million for Public Safety projects. Visit Bond 2022 Program to view the full list of approved projects.


Notable NEWS About Parks & Development Projects, & Current Events

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is constantly on the move to maintain and improve its parks and recreation facilities. Learn about these and other notable current news on the Our News Page.

NEWSNorth Beach Renourishment Project to Begin November 2 (Released 11-2-2022)

NEWSCorpus Christi History: Old Bayview Cemetery Comes Alive with the “Voices of South Texas” on November 5 (Released 11-1-2022)

NEWSCole Park Pier Receives Warranty Maintenance (Released 10-28-2022)

NEWSCity Hosts Ribbon Cutting for Cole Park Skatepark (Released 10-26-2022)

NEWSCity to Host North Beach History Plaza Ribbon Cutting (Released 10-19-2022) (Watch Video)

NEWSUPDATE - Bond 2022 Program Information Guide (Released 9-28-2022)

NEWSCouncil Approves New Playground Unit with Attached Shade Structures (Released 9-20-2022)

NEWSAdoption of Record-Setting $1.4 Billion FY 2023 Budget (Released 9-7-2022)

NEWSCity Council Approved Agreement for Installation of 14 Replacement and 13 New Shade Structures (Released 8-23-2022)

NEWSCity Marina To Receive New Peoples Street Boardwalk (Released 8-23-2022)

NEWSCity to Demolish Cunningham Water Treatment Plant (Released 8-17-2022)

NEWSCity Council Approves $125 Million Bond 2022 for November 2022 Election (Released 8-16-2022)

NEWSCity Manager Peter Zanoni Delivers City's Record-Setting Proposed FY 2023 Annual Operating and Capital Budget to City Council (Released 7-26-2022)

NEWSPhilip Dimmitt Park and Pier Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Released 5-11-2022)

NEWSInitial Overview of Proposed $125 Million Bond 2022 Presented to Council (Released 5-10-2022)

NEWSCity Council Receives Briefing on the Proposed 10-Year Parks Master Plan 
(Released 4-26-2022)

NEWSCity Authorizes Purchase and Installation of 230 Shade Trees for 30 City Parks
(Released 4-26-2022)

NEWSUPDATE - Temporary Closure of Cole Park Skate Park for Repairs
(Released 4-25-2022)

NEWSNotice of Intention to Issue Certificates of Obligation (Released 4-12-2022)

NEWSUPDATE - North Beach to Receive New Restrooms and Parking as Part of Bond 2020 (Released 3-29-2022)

NEWSCouncil Approves Cole Park Pier Ordinance Amendment (Released 3-8-2022)

NEWSCity Authorizes Purchase of 27 Shade Structures for City Parks (Released 2-22-2022)

NEWSCity Authorizes Purchase of Playground Units and Shade Structure for 14 City Parks (Released 1-11-2022)

NEWSCity Kicks Off Packery Channel Project with Groundbreaking Ceremony (Released 1-5-2022)

NEWS: Cole Park Pier Community Celebration Scheduled for Friday, December 17 (Released 12-15-2021)

NEWS: Dimmitt Pier Closed Daily for New Parking Lot Construction (Released 11-8-2021)

NEWS: City to Provide Additional Lighting at Lozano Golf Center’s Practice Range and Executive 9-Hole Course (Released 10-19-2021)

NEWS: Council Approves Construction Contract for Packery Channel Restoration (Released 10-19-2021)

► NEWSCity and County Partner for West Haven Park Improvements (Released 10-19-2021)

► NEWSUPDATE: FEMA  Awards up to $13.5 Million for Packery Channel Restoration (Released 9-15-2021)

► NEWSCity Supports $2.3 Million Lozano Golf Center Capital Improvements (Released 9-14-2021)

► NEWSCity Awards Contract for Harbor Bridge Parks Mitigation (Released 9-14-2021)


2022 Parks & Recreation Master Plan and Bill Witt Park Master Plan

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Master Plan will guide the growth and enhancement of the City’s parks, public grounds, open spaces and recreational assets over the next 10 years. Public engagement will play a key role in shaping the outcome of both Master Plans. City residents and other area stakeholders will be involved throughout the planning process to provide input on Master Plan vision, goals, proposed strategies, and the recommendations in the final document. 

► 10 Year Parks and Rec Master Plan (PDF)

NEWS: City Council Adopts New 10-Year Parks & Recreation Master Plan (Released 6-28-22)

► LEARN MORE about the Parks & Recreation Master Plan 2022.


Playground Units With Shade Structures for 14 City Parks

Park Improvements will include the 14 playground units with shade structures in the neighborhood, niche and community parks as identified in the current 10-year Parks Master Plan Needs Assessment. The project will replace older playground equipment with new shade structures, a rubber fall zone with a concrete sub-base, and ADA-compliant pathing to the playground units. (News Release 1-11-2022)

List of 14 City Parks identified for this improvement project.

► We have over 120 playgrounds (23 are new and 25 offer shade) at parks throughout our city. Go play today!


Groundbreaking Ceremony for Packery Channel Restoration Project!

On January 7, the City of Corpus Christi hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the Packery Channel Restoration Project. The $13.5 million project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and includes the restoration of the channel’s infrastructure and walkways damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

The Packery Channel opened in 2006 and has provided significant recreational and environmental benefits by allowing easy access to the Gulf of Mexico for boating and constant tidal exchange, improving fishing in the Upper Laguna Madre.

Read the NEWS RELEASE for more details. MAP to Packery Channel Concrete Walkway.


New Cole Park Pier is Open!

On December 17, the newly reconstructed pier opened to the public with festivities to celebrate the monumental occasion. 

Cole Park Pier has long-been a popular destination for residents and tourists who enjoy fishing, sightseeing or just enjoying the weather. The new Cole Park Pier features significantly improved amenities. Learn more about the Cole Park Pier Rebuild Project (webpage) and the ribbon-cutting event on the News ReleaseMAP  PHOTO GALLERY of Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

NEWS UPDATECouncil Approves Cole Park Pier Ordinance Amendment (Released 3-8-2022)



men digging




Corpus Christi has 187 parks listed with amenities on its CITY PARKS INTERACTIVE MAP. We have 120 parks throughout our city with playground equipment for families to enjoy. Surveys indicate that parks are very important to residents and visitors—they enrich the quality of life and are a critical factor that impacts our city's economic development.

► City Parks in Corpus Christi Interactive Map (includes list of amenities)

► View the Park Maintenance Levels to learn about our park operations.

► Learn about our Levels of Care for Parks.

Old Bayview Cemetery - interactive story map
    (created by Corpus Christi Landmark Commission)

    Local History of Old Bayview Cemetery »

    Genealogy Resources for Old Bayview Cemetery »

Heritage Park - interactive story map (created by Corpus Christi Landmark Commission)




The Water's Edge is our city's latest scenic bayfront park development located close to downtown along thee Corpus Christi Bay in the Sports, Entertainment and Arts (SEA) District. We invite you to explore from Furman Avenue on the south end to Cooper’s Alley on the north end by the marina. It encompasses several parks, along with the city's first dog park, a beach, seawall, pavilion, fitness area, food court, and a lawn to host large events. We invite you to come and fly a kite, explore the playground, ride your bike, relax on the beach, play soccer or basketball...the possibilities are endless! Read more about The Water's Edge. 




This is a 162-acre nature preserve that is filled with life. We look forward to sharing the wonders of the natural world with you. We invite families, students, and nature lovers to explore the trails and learn with us or on your own. Visitors will learn about the importance of protecting this area now and for future generations to enjoy. As a student of nature, you will find the preserve's "live classroom" truly fascinating. We invite you to venture into the wild. 

VIDEO - "Not Your Typical Park" 
Learn more about the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve. We aren't your typical park or your typical preserve.

Read more about the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve




This 93-acre regional sports complex is located at 1354 Airport Road. It offers unique features where all children with or without mental and/or physical disabilities regardless of his or her experience, or level of ability can play --- park features like the shaded state-of-the-art Play-For-All Playground, and the Miracle League Field. Additional amenities include fields for Baseball, Softball and Soccer, along with a Basketball Court, Pavilion, Splash Pad, Picnic Area with Grill, Restrooms, and a Hike and Bike Trail. We invite everyone to come out, play and experience this wonderful park.

VIDEO - Salinas Park Play-for-All Playground Phases 2 & 3 (April 16, 2019)

VIDEO - Play-for-All Playground at Salinas Park Grand Opening Celebration of Playground Phase 1 on February 4, 2017

► Link to The Miracle League of Corpus Christi website.




Learn about the trails - Article

Corpus Christi Bay Hike & Bike TrailBrochure with Map - Video (8 miles; connects with 8 parks)

Schanen Hike & Bike Trail Sitemap - Location Adjacent to 5930 O'Toole Drive (connects with 5 parks)

Bear Creek Hike & Bike Trail - Sitemap - Location Adjacent to 6733 Bison Drive (connects with 2 parks)

Corpus Christi BeachWalk  l  access by Surfside Blvd. (on North Beach; 8 miles; connects with 2 parks)



VIDEO - Corpus Christi Hike & Bike Trails - features Corpus Christi Bay Hike & Bike Trail, Corpus Christi BeachWalk, Schanen Hike & Bike Trail, Bear Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Salinas Park Hike & Bike Trail Loop, Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge Nature Walking Trails and West Guth Park Hike & Bike Trail (video by City of Corpus Christi; November 18, 2021) 

VIDEO - Hike & Bike Trails in Corpus Christi - features Bear Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve walking trail and Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge (video by Corpus Christi CVB and KIII-TV3; January 20, 2017) 

VIDEO - Free in CC - Hike & Bike Trails - features Schanen Hike & Bike Trail, Bear Creek Hike & Bike Trail, and the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve walking trail (November 21, 2017)

VIDEO - Corpus Christi Bay Trail - an excellent way for residents and visitors to stay in shape and take in the sites of the city. The hike and bike trail runs along the Corpus Christi Bay and several parks with scenic views and various amenities. (video by City of Corpus Christi; September 20, 2018) 




(Bikes are NOT allowed on nature trails)

Blucher Park - Sitemap - Location - Information - About the Birds (Recognized Birding Site)

Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge - Location - Information (Birding Site)

► Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center Sitemap - Location - Information (Birding Site)




Three splash pads popped up throughout Corpus Christi during May and June 2020 to the thrill of children and their parents! Each facility offers different interactive water features, so check them all out. All the splash pads are FREE for everyone to enjoy! The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department invites you to come out, get wet, and let the fun begin! 

► Splash Pads are located at Lindale Park, Salinas Park, and Bill Witt Park.

► Operate from May to October.

► Learn more about our Splash Pads

► NEWSCity Splash Pads and Interactive Fountain are Safe for the Public (Released 9-28-2021)




This program is a meaningful way for businesses, groups, and volunteers to showcase their commitment to the community. We hope you will join our efforts. The first step to adopting a park is to submit an Adopt-A-Park application form. Once you have selected a park and completed the application, submit a copy to Tyler Florence at, and the process towards adopting a park will begin thereafter. View the Adopt-A-Park Poster.

VIDEO - Parks and Recreation accepting Adopt-a-Park volunteers (February 12, 2019)




Individuals, families, or organizations can honor someone special in a loving and thoughtful way through our Commemorative Tree & Bench Program. With this program, you’ll have the opportunity to donate tree or bench memorials to celebrate a loved one within our beautiful parks. Learn more: Commemorative Tree & Bench Program brochure and Program request form.



VIDEO - City Plants over 200 trees in its parks (February 10, 2021)

VIDEO - Commit To Be Fit with the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department. (March 26, 2019)

VIDEO - Bayshore Park Development (now formally renamed The Water's Edge)

RENDERING - Bayshore Park (now formally named The Water's Edge)

VIDEO - Free in CC - Parker Park (August 14, 2018)

VIDEO - Free in CC - Walk Along the Bayfront (September 7, 2017)

VIDEO - Cole Park (August 10, 2017)

VIDEO - Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge (May 30, 2017)

VIDEO - Watergarden (May 3, 2017)

VIDEO - West Guth Park Improvements (March 17, 2017)

VIDEO - Free in CC - Walk Along North Beach Beachwalk (October 12, 2017)

VIDEO - Old Bayview Cemetery (June 15, 2017) 


Phone: (361) 826-PLAY

► Parks & Recreation Master Plans 

Parks & Recreation page


New Cole Park Pier is Open!

The newly reconstructed pier opened to the public on December 17 with festivities to celebrate the monumental occasion. 

Cole Park Pier has long-been a popular destination for residents and tourists who enjoy fishing, sightseeing or just enjoying the weather. The new Cole Park Pier features significantly improved amenities. MAP

Cole Park Pier Rebuild Project webpage  
Pier History
News Release

VIDEO: City Manager announces design firm for Cole Park Pier project (posted February 25, 2020)




We are always looking for a few good men and women to join our Park Crews. 

► Parks Technician I & II - Flyer
► Parks Technician II (Job ID 6693 link)
► Parks Technician I (Job ID 6082 link)
Apply Online Today! 


Vendor Permits


The application period for the City Beach & Park Vendor Permits during March 2021 to September 2021 has closed. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please call (361) 826-3411.