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A new committee was established by the City of Corpus Christi Council on April 15, 2008. The purpose of the committee is to advise the City Council on recycling, litter, and other solid waste environmental issues of concern in the community.



The duties of the committee are:

  1. Act as an advisor to the City Council and City Manager regarding issues of concern in the community related to recycling, litter, and other solid waste environmental matters.
  2. Develop comprehensive policies and make recommendations on implementation plans and programs to address recycling and litter reduction.
  3. Review the existing and proposed goals and objectives of current recycling, litter reduction and solid waste environmental programs.
  4. Review new programs related to recycling and litter.
  5. Acquaint itself with recycling and litter reduction needs and problems within the community.
  6. Cultivate and promote public knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the need for recycling and litter reduction programs.
  7. Provide a public forum for discussion of community needs related to recycling and litter reduction programs.
  8. Promote education of the public in recycling and litter reduction campaigns.
  9. Support and foster the efforts of all local cooperating groups having a focus on community beautification efforts.
  10. Encourage community involvement in pilot programs aimed at increased recycling and reduced litter.  



Members will be appointed by City Council. The committee will be comprised of nine members:

  • One shall be an educator in a primary, secondary, or high school within the city.
  • One shall be a member of a local Chamber of Commerce.
  • One shall be a member of the Beautify Corpus Christi Association.
  • One shall be a commercial solid waste hauler.
  • and five are members at large.


If interested or if you would like additional information, please contact Celina Pulcher at (361) 826-1655. You may also get information about the application process here.