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Question: Who can register for the Save Our Seniors Homebound Program?

Answer: Any adult who is a homebound senior citizen or homebound resident living in the Corpus Christi city limits can register for the program. In addition, beginning April 16, 2021, the SOS hotline will open to individuals who cannot drive or do not have a vehicle. 

Question: Where do I go to register?

Answer: To register for the program, call 361-826-3900. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The City will also announce when registration opens via news release and the local media. Be sure to check the City’s news website at for updates. Notice is also published by local news outlets like KIII, KRIS, KEDT, and the Caller Times.

To sign up for City news releases, visit

Question: Can I register more than one person at a time?

Answer: Only one registration can be processed per call.

Question: Can I register on behalf of someone?

Answer: Anyone can assist an individual with registration for the program.

Question: Once I pre-register, how long will it take for me to get a vaccine?

Answer: Once you are registered, you will be contacted by the Corpus Christi Fire Department at the phone number you provided with your appointment time and date.

Question: How often will firefighters be delivering vaccinations to individuals who are homebound? Will the Save Our Seniors Homebound Program have vaccinations every week?

Answer: Firefighters can only distribute the vaccine when we receive supply.

Question: When will the City of Corpus Christi have more vaccines?

Answer: The City-County Health District anticipates it will continue to receive vaccine shipments every week. To stay up to date with vaccine clinics in our area, visit or monitor your local media channels.

Question: I’ve received my first dose of the vaccine from the Save Our Seniors Homebound Program; when will I receive my second dose?   

Answer: Second dose vaccines will be given when they are sent to Corpus Christi by the State of Texas. You can receive your second dose up to six weeks after receiving your first dose.

Question: Will I be notified when it’s time for my second dose?

Answer: Yes. You will be notified when a second dose vaccine is available for you.

Question: How will I be notified that I will receive my second dose?

Answer: You will receive a phone call and a text message to the phone number you used to register for the program.

Question: Why didn’t I receive a notification that the firefighters were on their way to my home?

Answer: Firefighters call with 30 minutes notice. They may call from their personal cell phones, so please answer your phone.

With the number of spam calls people receive these days, it’s easy to screen calls. Please answer all calls to your phone in case it is a firefighter notifying you that they are on their way to your house to administer the vaccine.

Question: Can I schedule an appointment to receive my vaccine at home?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot schedule appointments for any of our homebound vaccines. If you are not home when we are on our way to your house, we will keep you on the list and try again later.


For more information on the state-wide SOS program announced by Governor Abbott, please visit: