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The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is constantly on the move to maintain and improve its parks and recreation facilities. Learn about some of our most noteworthy projects and current activities below.

NEWS: Dimitt Pier Closed Daily for New Parking Lot Construction (Released 11-8-2021)

► NEWSCity to Provide Additional Lighting at Lozano Golf Center’s Practice Range and Executive 9-Hole Course (Released 10-19-2021)

► NEWSCouncil Approves Construction Contract for Packery Channel Restoration (Released 10-19-2021)

► NEWSCity and County Partner for West Haven Park Improvements (Released 10-19-2021)

► NEWSUPDATE: FEMA  Awards up to $13.5 Million for Packery Channel Restoration (Released 9-15-2021)

► NEWSCity Supports $2.3 Million Lozano Golf Center Capital Improvements (Released 9-14-2021)

► NEWSCity Awards Contract for Harbor Bridge Parks Mitigation (Released 9-14-2021)


2021 Parks & Recreation Master Plan and Bill Witt Park Master Plan

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Master Plan will guide the growth and enhancement of the City’s parks, public grounds, open spaces and recreational assets over the next 10 years. Public engagement will play a key role in shaping the outcome of both Master Plans. City residents and other area stakeholders will be involved throughout the planning process to provide input on Master Plan vision, goals, proposed strategies, and the recommendations in the final document. 

► LEARN MORE about the Parks & Recreation Master Plan 2021.


City Council Receives a Mid-Point Briefing on the 10 Year Parks & Recreation Master Plan and the Bill Witt Park Master Plan (Released 8-10-21)

City Announces Public Engagement Plan for Parks and Recreation 10-Year Master Plan and Bill Witt Park Master Plan (Released 2-9-2021)


City to Conduct Annual Maintenance of Collier Pool

Beginning on Friday, September 17, the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department will temporarily close Collier Pool, located at 3801 Harris Drive, for planned annual maintenance. After the three-day process, the pool will reopen for its regular schedule on Monday, September 20, 2021. (News Release 9-11-2021)


Tree and Foliage Maintenance Continues Due to February Freeze Damage

The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department is performing tree trimming and foliage removal of vegetation that was damaged during February’s extreme weather event. The maintenance operations will shift to the City’s major corridors. These corridors include South Padre Island Drive (from Flour Bluff to the Crosstown Expressway) and the U.S. 181 & I.H. 37 interchange. (News Release 5-20-2021)


Six Additional Enforcement Officers at Bayfront Parks 

Currently, the department has seven enforcement officers who travel between the many parks and beaches in the community. With the additional six positions, the department will be able to assure the officers maintain a continuous presence in the bayfront parks which includes Cole Park. (News Release 5-18-2021)


Bayfront Park Kiosk Leased to Mangonadas

This summer, residents and visitors to downtown will have a new food option to enjoy while visiting Bayfront Park at 1513 North Shoreline Boulevard near the American Bank Center. The local business, Mangonadas by MLB, will sell high-quality fruit cups, smoothies, panini sandwiches, salads, and other refreshments. This business move from mobile operations to a brick and mortar in a prime location along the city's downtown and bayfront tourist district. (News Release 5-18-2021)


New Cole Park Pier Construction Project

The Cole Park Pier is closed for your safety as the old damaged pier is demolished and the new one is constructed. Read the news releases below for updates about the reconstruction of the new pier with significantly improved amenities.

• VIDEO: City Manager announces design firm for Cole Park Pier project (posted February 25, 2020)

• Cole Park Pier Timeline webpage


• Cole Park Pier Construction Updates (News Release 3-31-2021)

• City Celebrates Cole Park Pier Construction Kick-Off (News Release 2-22-2021)

• City Council Approves Additional Funding from Type B Board to Fully Fund Cole Park Pier (News Release 1-26-2021)


Repairs to Seawall

Contractors to perform maintenance repairs on the seawall extending from McGee Beach to the Barge Dock. Repairs will include the Selena Memorial and our eight Mirador structures along the seawall. The project will begin construction in April 2021 with anticipated completion by September 2021. Read the News Release for more details. (Released 3-30-2021)


Palm Trees & Foliage Impacted by Recent Freezing Weather

The City’s palm trees and tropical foliage on downtown medians are treasured elements of our beautiful bayfront. These trees and plants could have been damaged due to the recent extreme weather event which dipped into several days of freezing temperatures. The Parks & Recreation staff have implemented a plan to closely monitor the health of these palm trees and foliage. The City’s certified arborist advises it will take approximately two weeks to determine if a freeze-damaged palm tree can revive itself to full health. Brown and dying palm fronds will be left uncut to provide nutrients to the trees to help them recover. In about two weeks, the frost-burnt fronds will be cut from the tree or the entire palm tree will be removed if dead. For more information, please contact Lisa Oliver at or (361) 826-3132. Read the News Release for more details about this matter. (Released 2-20-2021)


Over 200 Trees Planted in City Parks!

► Watch the Video

The City of Corpus Christi announces the completion of a tree planting initiative of 230 trees in the local park system. In September 2020, Mayor Joe McComb and City Council Members approved a contract to plant these trees at six park locations: Labonte Park, West Guth Park, Los Encinos Park, Lincoln Park, Lions Park, and Mike Zepeda Park. The project began in December 2020 and concluded in January 2021. The trees in this project will provide much needed shade for residents enjoying our parks. For more information, please contact Lisa Oliver at or (361) 826-3132. Read the News Release for more information about this project. (Released 2-9-2021)


Let's Go Fishing!

Philip Dimitt Municipal Fishing Pier Reopened (101 Jester Street I photo)

This newly completed Bond 2018 Park Project is now open for everyone to enjoy. Pier improvements include the addition of LED lighting for night fishing, new benches and fish washing stations. Renovations to the pier include minor structural member replacement, new floorboards, and a new guardrail. Get your tackle box and fishing rod, and head on over. The reconstruction of the parking lot is expected to be completed by late summer 2021. Learn more about the projects here. (Released 2-3-2021)


Bond 2020 Parks Projects

On November 3, 2020, Bond 2020 Park Projects were approved with 73% approval by voters. This shows the community’s confidence in the organization's capabilities to follow through on projects and improvements. Learn about the projects here. (Released 11-3-2020)


City to Start Planning for a New Bayside Area Development Plan

A modern development plan for the Bayside area is in the works. Council gave the approval to start crafting a long range, 20-year plan for the Bayside area that consists of 16.6 square miles and is bounded by Morgan Avenue on the north, South Padre Island Drive (SH 358) on the south, Ocean Drive/Oso Bay on the east, and the Crosstown Expressway (SH 286) on the west. The Bayside Area Development Plan study area includes well-known locations such as Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Oso Beach Municipal Golf Course, Sunrise and La Palmera Malls, Six Points, and the Port-Ayers commercial corridor. Community involvement will be key to this effort. Read the News Release for more about this project and how you can provide your input. (Released 9-24-2020)


Ribbon Cutting for The Water's Edge Playground

On February 26, 2020, we celebrated the early completion of the playground improvements in time for Spring Break visitors! This project restored Fall Zone safety measures which consisted of the existing play surface being removed, a new concrete floor poured, and a new pour-in-place deck installed over the concrete. The ribbon-cutting was held at the playground, located at 402 S. Shoreline Blvd. 


Parkland Restoration Projects at Two Nature Parks

Starting on January 6, 2020, we worked to restore the Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge and Blucher Park. Funds for the Suter Wildlife Refuge restoration are in part by utilizing a CITGO grant in addition to City funding. The parkland restoration at Hans & Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge909 Ennis Joslin Road, enhanced the native landscape by the selective clearing of invasive plant populations from the 72-acre park. The restoration at Blucher Park100 Carrizo Street, also focused on gaining control of non-native invasive tree populations which will regain the value of its resources to neotropical migrating bird populations. The work continued for approximately five weeks at each location. The parks remained open and we requested park visitors to be aware of cautionary signage and temporary barriers in the work vicinity of hand crews to maintain public safety. For more information, please contact Lisa Oliver at or (361) 826-3132.


Play-for-All Playground
Phases 2 & 3 at Salinas Park

On April 27, 2019, we held the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of phases 2 and 3 of the Play-for-All Playground at Salinas Park, located at 1354 Airport Road. It's a playground where kids of all abilities can play! Read the News Release for more details about the event and park development project. Watch the VIDEO - Salinas Park Play-for-All Playground


Play-for-All Playground Earns National Award

The City of Corpus Christi has received a national award from the National Community Development Association (NCDA) for the “Play-for-All Playground” project at Salinas Park. Project to be recognized in Washington D.C. in January 2019. Read News Release for more details.



Lisa Oliver, Interim Assistant Director
Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department

Phone: (361) 826-3132