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Process During COVID-19


This process was developed to protect the health and safety of everyone involved with special events, such as the event organizers, exhibitors, and fans, as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. All special events will require approval from the Corpus Christi Mayor’s Office.  

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Executive Order GA-30 (September 17, 2020)


Submit all the items listed below to the Mayor's Office 4–6 weeks in advance of your event:

  • Completed Mayoral Request Form (fillable).
  • Details of what the event is, the purpose of the event, and how many people you expect to attend.
  • Exact layout and placement of tables or booths.
  • Exact details of how you will be following the Governor’s Order regarding masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing
  • A copy of the GA-30 order with the section highlighted that you believe pertains to your event and why it should be allowed.
  • (The Special Event Application must be submitted online.)

After receipt of all required documents, our legal department will be consulted for a recommendation to the Mayor for his approval. If approved by both the Mayor's Office and Special Events Office, a declaration will be prepared for the event organizer to have on hand at the event.
Please allow two weeks for processing.