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Project Overview (Project #18014A) »
A large technical drawing showing the scope of the rebuild.

Construction Sequence Map »
A map of the construction area and color-coded phases.

CCRTA Bus Route 17 Detour »
Route 17 Carroll/Southside Temporary Detour from Corona Dr. to Holly Rd. Updated January 12, 2021.

Traffic Control Map for Phase’s 2 and 3 »
A satellite view of Phase's 2 and 3, updated July 2020.

Traffic Control Sections »
Cross-sections of the street during different phases, including work area and temporary travel lanes.



Project Consultant Architect:              Freese and Nichols, Inc.

City Project Manager:                           Lj Francis, P.E., M.ASCE

Contractor:                                            Reytec Construction Resources, Inc.

Construction Inspectors:                     Joe Sandoval, Oscar Newsmith

Liquidation Damages:                           $2,500/day

Award Date:                                           July 2019

Anticipated Construction Start:           September/October 2019

Substantial Completion:                       May 2021

Final Completion:                                  June 2021

Total Project Value:                               $14,400,000



  • The project will focus on major replacements of underground utilities, including a 36” water transmission main, 30” wastewater trunk main, and major storm infrastructure.
  • The roadway will be reconstructed with concrete. 
  • New or upgraded signals at Holly, Bonner and Corona are included with the project.
  • The project is paid for through Type B funds
  • Construction duration is 18 months with an option for the Contractor to work 24 hours if needed.
  • Full closure of Everhart at Bonner is expected early in the project to accelerate underground utility crossing replacement.