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Effective June 24, 1997, the City's Standard Plumbing Code was amended to include irrigation system regulations for residential and commercial landscaping.  The rules apply to the proper use of drip emitters or soaker type hoses in medians in the City's right-of-way and within narrow strips of vegetation in parking lots. 

Ordinance No. 022972 is intended to reduce the waste of water which occurs from runoff of traditional irrigation systems placed in narrow strips or along rights-of-way. 

Spray or rotary heads must not be installed in a wider median if the head will spray water onto the street or the paved area of the parking lot when installed according to manufacturer's recommended installation specifications for the maximum available pressure at the specific spray or rotary head, when derated for average night time wind speed. 

Any irrigation system located within or designed to irrigate the vegetation located within the following area must use "drip" emitters or soaker type hoses, instead of spray heads. 

Rule applies to: 

‌• right-of-ways located between sidewalks and curbs; 
‌• right-of-way strip located within five (5) feet of the paved surface without a sidewalk; 
‌• area between the sidewalk and curbs when less than five (5) feet wide; 
‌• vegetation strips within a parking lot when it is less than five (5) feet from the paved surface; and 
‌• any median, including traffic island, when less than five (5) feet and within any right-of-way. 

A violation of the ordinance constitutes an offense, punishable by a fine of up to $500.