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The City’s primary defense in combating mosquitoes is our larvicide program. It is safely used in public areas and has been proven to be an effective method for treating mosquito-prone areas.                                       


General Information

        Mosquito Abatement Plan (PDF) »

        Mosquito Management »

        Mosquito Control Around the Home »

        Mosquito Bite Prevention (PDF) »

        Response to Mosquito-Borne Viruses »
        Detection of Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya

        Africanized Honeybees »

        Vector Control and Prevention Unit »



        Mosquito Spray Routes Map (PDF) »
        This map identifies route areas for mosquito control spraying.

        View a Map of Mosquito Spray
        Areas with Positive Trap Sample
        Tests for West Nile Virus »

        View a Map of Mosquito Spray
        Areas with Positive Trap Sample
        Tests for St. Louis Encephalitis
        Virus »


Report Abandoned Property with High Grass and Standing Water

If you wish to report an address that appears abandoned with high grass, tires, and/or standing water, please email

Make sure to include the address, the problem, and a phone number if you wished to be contacted. You can also upload pictures if you wish.