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The 78415 Community Youth Development (CYD) Program is a FREE service for youth, and/or family members of eligible youth, who live or attend school in the 78415 ZIP code. It is funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services which was created in 1995 by the 74th Legislature to assist with crime prevention. The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department serves as the Fiscal Agent for the grant in the 78415 ZIP code. It was established to provide communities with prevention programs for youth ages 6-17 with an emphasis on ages 10-17.

The program enhances the positive development of youth, paying special attention to empowering youth by teaching them leadership skills, providing academic support, athletic recreation and mentoring.

The services of this program are free and participation is voluntary and not based on age or income.

Service Providers are subcontracted to support, teach, train and empower our youth and families living in the 78415 community. Their aim is to provide services to the youth to make them productive, successful citizens. It is important that we meet the needs of our youth and families today in order to have a safe and productive community in the future.

Please call if you are interested in knowing more about the 78415 CYD program or to apply for future funding. 


Address: Wilson Plaza at 615 Leopard, Ste.105

Phone: (361) 826-4028


Parks & Recreation page


Service Providers for FY2016


Boys & Girls Club of the Coastal Bend-Greenwood: This organization offers After-School and/or Summer Programs for youth ages 10-17. Youth will receive a voucher for services with the Club in which they can utilize it for recreation, After-School services or the Summer Program. Each day at the Club, youth may be offered a variety of activities ranging from leadership skills, homework tutoring, computer activities, reading activities, and/or Sports Recreation programs. For more information, call (361) 853-2505

Communities in Schools: This organization offers services to youth at South Park Middle School and Gloria Hicks Elementary. Services are offered during, after-school and/or during summer and range from teaching leadership skills and life skills to recreation. They can also offer supportive/guidance counseling and academic enhancement through structured and supervised activities. For more information, call (361) 696-4030

SERCO of Texas: This organization offers individual programs at Carroll High School, Moody High School, and Baker, Tom Browne, and South Park Middle Schools. Each of the programs focuses on career mentoring, youth leadership and guidance on their futures. At some sites, mentoring and group discussions are offered which gives youth the opportunity to discuss their personal obstacles and frustrations. In addition, they offer career exploration, community involvement, life skills training and recreational activities. SERCO also manages the CYD Youth Advisory Committee which focuses on youth leadership and community involvement. For more information, call (361) 813-3157.

Youth Odyssey: This organization offers an Adventure Challenge Program for youth ages 12-17 that promotes the development of social skills and enhances self-confidence through outdoor activities including a complete Ropes Course and a weekend adventure challenge. Youth learn survival skills that also promote leadership and interpersonal skills. For more information or schedule, call (361) 946-6016.