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The Water Meter Sizing Worksheet helps determine the water meter size needed for projects requiring new or upsized water services.

NOTE:  The Worksheet must be completed for meter sizes 1½" - 4."


Who needs to complete this form?

Complete this form if you have new construction, alterations or additions to residential or non- residential use that require a new or upsized water service that will connect to the public water system.

This worksheet must be completed if the applicant:

  • Constructs a new building
  • Adds or removes plumbing fixtures

Potential commercial building permit applicants are encouraged to complete this worksheet in preplanning or planning stages. Our staff can discuss water services and meter configurations that might meet your needs, and can answer questions related to the water service portion of building permits.


What kind of information does this worksheet request?

The Meter Sizing Worksheet is an inventory of the plumbing fixtures in your project. Each fixture is given a value based on typical water use. Follow the instructions to determine the water meter size that will provide optimum water flow throughout your site. You will calculate Total Fixture Unit Values and be able to match this value to the meter size.


Where do I send the worksheet?

This worksheet and Tap Application Form should be submitted with your digital plans.



  1. Enter the total number of each fixture type intended for the completed new structure. If applicable, enter the “Other Fixture Description & Values”. The form automatically calculates each individual fixture count.
  2. The “Initial Fixture Count” is the sum of the column titled “Fixture Count”.
  3. Enter the additional gallons per minute (GPM) from Irrigation Systems, Special Equipment or other sources on this meter, if applicable.
  4. The “Total Fixture Value” is the sum of the “Initial Fixture Count” and “Gallons per Minute”.
  5. Use the “Reference Water Meter Size” to determine the “Calculated Meter Size”. The values shown for the “Gallons Per Minute (GPM):Fixture Value(FV)” are the maximums for each meter size.
  6. Enter the “Calculated Meter Size” and “Requesting Meter Size”. The quote for the meter size will be based on the value entered on “Requesting Meter Size”.

  7. Select “Full Tap” if the applicant is requesting the City performs the tap and meter set.

  8. Select both “Meter Set” and “Contractor Supplied Tap” if an approved Utility Contractor will perform the tap.


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