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The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department works with consultants to develop master plans that will serve to guide the department regarding improvements and operations to better serve our community. These plans were developed with the input from Corpus Christi residents.




The 2012 master plan serves to guide future park and recreation improvements and operations.

The plan was developed with the input from Corpus Christi residents obtained through a series of public meetings and an online survey.

Residents shared their ideas and feelings about their parks, trails, recreation facilities and programs. This contribution was a vital component in the process to develop a plan that will serve our hopes and vision for our city.

For more information, contact E. Jay Ellington, Director of Parks & Recreation Department, at (361) 826-3460.

     2012 Master Plan (Adopted 9-25-12)

     Map of 7 Parks Master Plan Areas (1-6-11)

     Removal of Park Amenities Project List (task in the 2012 Master Plan)




The following master plans are now in various stages of development or construction:

•   Ben Garza Master Plan & Map

•   Corpus Christi State School Master Plan

•   Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center - Preliminary Master Plan (8-10-11)

•   Oso Creek – Oso Bay Green Belt Parks, & Trail System Master Plan (Revised 2-20-06)

•   Oso Parkway Plan (adopted 11-30-93; amended 2-28-95, 11-11-97)




The City, County, and the Regional Transportation Authority have teamed up to create an extensive plan to provide access to cycling, walking, hiking trails. These amenities are designed for both residents and visitors to enjoy. The vision/goal is to create more livable communities—communities where people get out to enjoy outdoor recreation as well as promote a more "green" environment.

Some portions of the earlier trails plan are completed. Corpus Christi Bay Trail

CCMPO 2016 Strategic Plan for Active Mobility - Phase 1 is Bicycle Mobility 

VIDEO - Corpus Christi Bike Share program addition to the downtown area in 2016

Contact Information

E. Jay Ellington, Director of the Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department

Phone: (361) 826-3464