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The Corpus Christi Parks & Recreation Department staff encourage everyone to live, learn and play. Look to us for ways to enrich your life by enjoying all the opportunities and resources available to you. 


Director, Parks & Recreation  
E. Jay Ellington  l  (361) 826-3464

Assistant Director, Parks & Recreation   

Assistant Director, Parks & Recreation  

Superintendent of Support Services 

PR & Marketing Coordinator  
Santos Villarreal  l  (361) 826-3490


Arts, Cultural Services & Special Events

Special Events Program Manager
Laura Gonzales Jasso  l  (361) 826-3417

Special Events Management Assistant
Sandra Flores  l  (361) 826-3411

Rental Coordinator (Heritage Park)
Juan Garcia  l  (361) 826-3415

Public Art Management Assistant


Beach Maintenance & Island Parks

Gulf Beach & Natural Resources Superintendent
Russell Armstrong  l  (361) 826-4168

Rescue & Enforcement Program Manager
Melinda Rogers  l  (361) 826-8542

Beach Parking Permit Coordinator
Maryann Rodriguez  l  (361) 826-3423

Management Assistant
Martha Lawhon  l  (361) 826-3469


Community Services

Juvenile Assessment Center Superintendent (AIC)
Henry Lara  l  (361) 826-3470

78415 Community Youth Development Program Manager
Matthew Delgado  l  (361) 826-4028


Golf Centers

Lozano Golf Center General Manager
Lawrence Vera  l  (361) 826-8016

Oso Beach Golf Course General Manager
Lawrence Vera  l  (361) 826-8010


Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center

Preserve Manager
Sara Jose  l  (361) 826-3432

Education Coordinator
Caleb Harris  l  (361) 826-3947  l

Recreation Coordinator
Lauren Piorkowski  l  (361) 826-3311


Parks Operations

Park Operations Superintendent
Joshua Wentworth  l  (361) 826-3483

Park Operations Supervisor
(Adopt-a-Park Program)
Darren Gurley  l  (361) 826-1934 


Program Services

Program Services Superintendent 
Henry Lara  l  (361) 826-3470

Program Services Administrative Manager 
Rosie Canales Ortiz  l  (361) 826-3454

Latchkey & Recreation Centers Program Manager
John Delgado  l  (361) 826-3491

Latchkey Assistant Program Manager
Mickela Hernandez  l  (361) 826-3486

Recreation Centers Assistant Program Manager
Rozella Puente  l  (361) 826-3468

Athletics Program Manager
Krystal Walker  l  (361) 826-3588

Athletics Assistant Program Manager
Clayton Garland  l  (361) 826-3482

Aquatics Program Manager
Ashley Rioux  l  (361) 826-3471 

Aquatics Supervisor
Ashlee Grey  l  (361) 826-1749 

Aquatics Supervisor
Christina Amo  l  (361) 826-3465 


Senior Community Services

Senior Community Services Superintendent
Lisa Oliver  l  (361) 826-3132

Senior Centers Program Manager

Nutrition Services Coordinator
Connie Reschman  l  (361) 826-4123

RSVP Program Director
Ericka Maldonado  l  (361) 826-3148

SCP Program Director
Dianne Taylor  l  (361) 826-3154


Tennis Centers

H-E-B Tennis Center Professional
Gerald Tjonajoe  l  (361) 882-6013

Al Kruse Tennis Center Professional
(Vacant)  l  (361) 883-6942

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