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This is where you can find a status on all of the City's major street programs.  You can find progress reports on the Residential Street Rebuild Program (RSRP), the Street Preventative Maintenance Program (SPMP), the Arterial & Collector Bond Program, and Other Street Operations work. 

Go to the Interactive Map to see locations where work is currently underway.  For the SPMP, locations will show "In Progress" and on the Interactive Map when they are released for preparatory work to begin.  The location will appear on the Interactive Map until the work is complete.  Preparatory work can take place well in advance of the seal coat or overlay and includes any concrete work, ADA ramp improvements, localized base repair, etc.  Seal coat application is weather sensitive and will be performed when conditions allow.  Generally, this means that seal coats are not applied during the winter months or whenever nighttime temperatures go below 60 degrees.  Seal coat cannot be applied in wet conditions and will not be done if rain is anticipated.  The Interactive Map is updated weekly.