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City Council created a Charter Review Ad Hoc Committee to provide recommendations for potential changes to various provisions of the City of Corpus Christi City Charter. 

To judiciously recommend charter revisions that consider national best practices and are value added in both governing, as well as operating our City

The following three values guided the Committee’s deliberation on each potential charter revision:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Advancing public accountability
  • Respecting our Council/Manager form of government


NEWS RELEASE: Charter Committee Seeking Citizen Feedback on Preliminary Charter Recommendations »
June 10, 2020


Update to Clarify Proposition #3  
June 12, 2020
Right after the report was put up on the City web page for public comment, the Committee recognized ballot language for Proposition #3 on Term Limits was written in a way that in conjunction with the recommendation for 4-year terms in Proposition #1, it appeared the Committee was recommending moving from the current term limits of 8 and 12 years to 16 and 24 years. Public feedback quickly confirmed this perception. In fact, the committee voted  to create a lifetime term limit of 8 and 12 years and remove both the requirement for consecutive service, as well as the sitting out period that allows a council member or mayor to restart the 8 and 12 year term limits. The clarified language of Proposition #3 now reflects that intent by using a maximum number of years served versus number of terms. We apologize for the confusion and appreciate the public feedback that reconfirmed the problem.